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Together, Every Step of The Way!

Put your financial well-being into trusted hands with Nightingale Wealth Solutions. More than financial advice and investment products, we offer the guidance and support you expect from a fiduciary advisor. Outside of anyone with your last name, we care about you the most.

Strategic Onboarding Process 

Engagement Meeting

Day 1

Initial meeting to understand your unique goals and objectives.

Account Set Up Meeting

Day 7-14

Second meeting to gather data for your personalized plan.

Discovery Meeting

Day 15-28

Analyze your situation and develop a comprehensive solution.  

Presentation Meeting

Day 30

Review the initial plan and discuss recommended strategies. 

Concierge Implementation Meeting

Day 30+

Implement plans and products to help you obtain your goals and objectives.

Ongoing Financial Planning

Monitor and update upon changes to goals, objectives, and life events based on your service package

About Ariel Dangelo

Ariel is dedicated to giving her clients the resources and knowledge they need to live prosperous and fulfilling lives. She believes her creative, energetic approach makes her the ideal person to guide you on your financial journey.

Whether you are looking to grow a business, prepare for your retirement, or buy the vacation home of your dreams, you can rest easy knowing that Ariel strives to help you make your vision a reality.

Ariel brings several years of diverse experience with her to Nightingale Wealth Solutions. She uses a holistic approach to set many individuals and families on the path to financial freedom.

Ariel DAngelo

Our Clients 

High Net Worth Families

At Nightingale Wealth Solutions, we understand the unique challenges of managing significant wealth. We are committed to providing tax advantage strategies, tailored financial planning, and investment management to help our high net-worth clients achieve their long-term financial goals and secure their legacy.

We take a comprehensive approach to wealth management, considering your investment portfolio and your family dynamics, philanthropic interests, and lifestyle aspirations to develop a customized financial plan that aligns with your values and objectives.

Business Owners

We understand the challenges and opportunities of owning and operating a business. We are dedicated to providing financial guidance and support to help you maximize the value of your business, minimize taxes, and achieve your personal and professional financial goals.

Our services include business succession planning, retirement planning, investment management, risk management, and estate planning.


As a busy business professional, your time is valuable. At Nightingale Wealth Solutions , we provide the financial expertise and support you need to achieve your personal and professional financial goals while freeing up more of your time to focus on your career and family.

Our services include investment management, financial planning, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning, all tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. We’ll work closely to develop a comprehensive financial plan that reflects your goals, values, and priorities.

First Responders & VETERANS

As the daughter of a police officer and a family with a strong military history, I have always admired first responders and veterans. Their unwavering commitment to serving our communities and our country has inspired me throughout my life. It’s a true honor to be able to work with and support them through my career as a fiduciary financial advisor and wealth manager.

I understand the unique challenges and opportunities of these professions, and I am dedicated to providing personalized financial guidance and support to help my first responder and veteran clients achieve their financial objectives.